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University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania’s story began 130 years ago, in a sandstone building overlooking Hobart. Their nationally-distinctive architecture, nursing, medicine and law courses give access to real-life learning experiences. They are the only university in the state, which means students will get unparalleled access to industry connections through the institution’s partnerships.

Their courses give students the opportunity to explore nature and access adventure while  studying. Field work and hands-on learning will take students all over their incredible island. The institute leads in medical, agricultural, social and environmental research. The  small setting allows students to test big ideas, leading to greater outcomes for the world.

As a university, they study and preserve some of the last great wilderness on our planet. From the island shores, their research extends to the great Southern Ocean and down to the Antarctic

33,000+ students
200+ Australian industry partners in 2017
400+ partnerships around the world or 123 nations in which we have established partnerships

Popular courses

  • Creative Arts And Health
  • Justice Studies
  • Antarctic And Ocean Studies  
  • Theatre And Performance 
  • Media And Communication
  • Architecture And Built Environment 
  • Global Logistics And Maritime Management 
  • Ocean Seafaring 
  • Equipment And Design Technology

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